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How to Transfer Files 

Because we often have to send large files, we have our own FTP server for your convenience. C2R customers can access this secure site with their unique Log-in name and Password at

If you use an ftp client like FILE ZILLA to up and download files to a secure folder on our server please don't use the Quick Connect bar.

Instead create a site using the Site Manager.

Leave everything else default and use these settings with your username and password login.


Protocol:              FTP -File Transfer Protocol

Encryption:          Only use plain FTP 

Logon Type:        Normal

User:                    Your user name

Password:          Your password



* If you need a log-in and password or you have forgotten your log-in name or password, please contact us at 705-277-3905 or email and we will help you.

Note: The  FTP Client called FIle Zilla  is free on the web.