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Rapid Prototyping: THINK DAYS NOT WEEKS!!

Now more machines to get your parts faster!

Concept models help you communicate: spatial orientation, high definition detail, complex surfaces. We build your parts in one piece from the bottom up, so your parts are not only strong, but they function the same as end-use parts without assembly. Our Soluble support melts away leaving complex designs intact.

There are many applications for which you can use rapid prototypes, for example:

  • Concept modeling - The freedom of multiple design iterations without cost penalty
  • Form, fit and function testing - CONCEPT2REALITY prototypes help engineers and designers determine form, fit and function before investing in tooling
  • Fine feature detail - Using our PolyJet technology, CONCEPT2REALITY can build small prototypes and those that require fine feature detail, such as models and toys
  • Design verification - Test your new products on the market and ensure that your design is right before going to mass production
  • Masters - You can use CONCEPT2REALITY prototypes as masters for vacuum forming, investment casting and many other methods
  • Jigs and fixtures - Why invest in heavy, expensive jigs and fixtures that require assembly when you can build fixtures in one piece using CONCEPT2REALITY. And because they're made of thermoplastics, they're easier on employees, too.
  • Marketing tools - Need to show your new concept to create a buzz? Build a CONCEPT2REALITY prototype. You can paint it, plate it or just simply show it.
  • Production mockups - Get a highly accurate and functional prototype to ensure that your design is correct before investing in production.

Direct Digital Manufacturing: REAL PARTS REAL FAST

Don't let short production windows limit your product vision. CONCEPT2REALITY can help you get your product to market faster.
Design 1. Prototype 10. Manufacture 1,000.

CONCEPT2REALITY can provide you with a real alternative to traditional manufacturing processes. As the only additive fabrication technology that uses real thermoplastic materials, CONCEPT2REALITY can build your projects in a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional manufacturing processes. And, you get accurate parts very close to injection mold quality.

Many CONCEPT2REALITY customers use DDM technology for: ramping up production, while waiting for tooling, low-volume production (up to 100), replacement part manufacturing, limited/special edition products, one of a kind products, jigs and fixtures; while others use DDM as a way to gain market validation throughout the design process and to build parts that require functionality and durability without the need for cosmetic value.

Get Quality Parts Every Time
If you've ever ordered a prototype or production part online, your part may have looked different than you expected. Why? Because sometimes data is lost when you convert your file from CAD to STL. We use the power of Solidworks Software to optimize the CAD file you email to us and save it as a high quality STL.

What is an STL File for Rapid Prototyping?
The .STL file format has turned into the Rapid Prototyping industry's standard data transmission format. This format approximates the surfaces of a solid model with triangles. Almost all of today's CAD systems are capable of producing an STL file. For the user, the process is often as simple as selecting File, Save As and STL.

Should we determine that your CAD or STL file is not adequate for production, we will contact you for an updated file.


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