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Product development and consulting:

We will help you design and manufacture your idea. Our project managers will follow your project from concept to reality to ensure it is designed and built to your specifications and in the most timely, cost effective method possible. Drawing on our expertise in the manufacturing industry, we will oversee the various aspects of your product's development  with your confidentiality and best interests always at the forefront.

Using such research techniques as observations, interviews, and the product's uses, the designers investigate the customer's concept in order to be better able to design a product which meets all of their needs. Drawing on a combination of user research and technological possibilities our designers create concepts for new products, tools, and machinery.

* This process may involve multiple rounds of brainstorming, discussion, and refinement.

For example, when we know what the tool or product  is supposed to do, our designers design the tool using 3d Solidworks software on the computer. We can also view it in 3D and see how it works. Changes are made to the parts to help everything work and perform to the specifications required. Then the drawings of the parts are produced on the Rapid Prototype machine and more changes are made to ensure the product performs smoothly. After the part has been refined, the tooling drawings are made and sent to the tool shop for manufacture. Finally, the tool is assembled and put to work.

Steps in the Design Process:  A design process includes a series of steps followed by designers. Depending on the product or service, some of these stages may not be necessary.

Typical stages of the design process include:

  • Pre-production design
  • Design during production
    • Development - continuation and improvement of a computer designed solution
    • Testing - producing a rapid prototype of  the design for fit and function
  • Post-production design feedback for future designs
    • Implementation - evaluating the 3d model in a real world situation ( Does it work? Is it strong enough to last?)
    • Evaluation and conclusion - summary of process and results, including   suggestions for future improvements
  • Redesign - any or all stages in the design process repeated (with corrections made) at any time before, during, or after production

Redesign: Something that is redesigned requires a different process than something that is designed for the first time. A redesign often includes an evaluation of the existent design and the findings of the redesign needs are often the ones that drive the redesign process.


 Automation and custom tool design
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 Product Development and Consulting
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