Product Design
(In order to protect our client's intellectual property, names and product information have been withheld.)


A new client approached us with an idea he wanted to patent and manufacture. Joe began the process with the discussions that would become the 3D Design based on the client's description and the product's uses.


A part and drawings were made in virtual 3D using the Solidworks program. This design was viewed by the client and changes were made to strengthen the areas with moving parts and to add durability to the hinges. A few cosmetic changes were also requested and the final design was approved. Then the part was sent to the printer to be moulded in 3D. When the part was finished it was tested for fit and function and after a few small changes the revamped part was again printed in 3 D.
A small run of 6 pieces was made. This process took a little more than two weeks.


Then the client used these parts for patents, to show to potential investors, to develop tooling, for marketing, and packaging for the final product.