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For the past 39 years Joe Van Pelt has worked in the mechanical innovation field. His extensive background began as a Tool and Die/ Journeyman and mould maker. He worked on the Canada Arm and developed a passion for problem solving and hi-tech design. So over the next several years, he went to evening university courses and worked on his computer science and mechanical engineering degrees, which included computer assisted design, properties of materials, and computer programming. His hands-on beginning allows him to design products and machinery that are easy to build for the tool or mould maker and are designed in the most inexpensive way to manufacture. This makes him popular with our customers and our fabricators!

For 13 years, Joe worked as a mechanical designer in the Engineering Facility at GM and was trained to use their 3D software called Unigraphics or UG.  When Joe decided to open his own company, he  researched the 3D design packages on the market and chose Solidworks as the best fit for his business.  Joe has never looked back!  He first incorporated in 2003 and has since grown his business and his customer base.  CONCEPT2REALITY is a new division of our company that specifically focuses on automation, product development, and rapid prototyping.

 Now  our rapid prototyping machines give customers a model of their product in a few hours. The model is made out of  durable ABSplus plastic and can be tested for fit and function. We also rapid prototype rubber moulds and gaskets. This allows design changes to be made quickly and inexpensively. Time is money, and our customer's turn around time is hours instead of weeks.  Our customers only pay for expensive tooling after the design is finalized.

Joe continues to work as the lead designer and oversees his staff and tool shops to ensure the designs and workmanship are done to the customers satisfaction and are totally functional.

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