Reverse Engineering
(In order to protect our client's intellectual property, names and product information have been withheld.)


The owner of a fabrication company approached us with a problem. His customer, in the energy sector, needed to replace some of his machines but there were no drawings to work from.
Joe was intrigued and took on the challenge of making drawings from the existing machines.


The research involved taking pictures and measurements of the machines. They researched cylinders and bearings that had been used in the original machines and replaced some obsolete parts with others that would fit and handle the load required. They also found out what needed changing and updating. Finally, the 3D assemblies, parts and drawings were made using Solidworks.
Joe and the owner of the fab shop worked closely to reproduce the replacement machines for the client.


The fabricator was able to manufacture and install the new machines with the detail Joe provided in his drawings. The client also obtained the drawings and documentation necessary to meet the ISO 9000 requirements.